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Born and Raised in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Matt Jackson is a multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter. Jackson's musical career began very young playing in various bands throughout high school as a bassist and guitar player. After many years of playing drums in high school ensembles, he decided to study music leading him to the Jazz Studies program at Youngstown State University where he began playing double bass in a variety of ensembles. 

During his time in Youngstown, Jackson quickly became part of the local music scene through playing jam sessions and bar gigs downtown with friends he met at YSU. After his first year of college, he working as a freelance bassist and session musician between Cleveland and Pittsburgh playing in a variety of musical situations that allowed him to cultivate his musical knowledge and experience in a variety of musical styles including rock, blues, jazz, fusion, musical theater and classical music.

By the end of his college years, Jackson began his songwriting career with his debut single It’s Easy, which he released in the spring of 2020. After breaking the local scene as a singer songwriter, this was followed by the release of Old Love in July of that year. This eventually got the ball rolling into focusing on writing a full length album. His third single, Find It Here starting bringing him commercial success after its debut on local radio station The Summit based out of Akron, Ohio. This led him to be feature in the Local Artist Spotlight for the 330 in spring of 2021. The next six months led to the official release of his debut album Better From Here, which was released on October 1, 2021. 

Matt Jackson proudly uses:

Fender Guitars

PRS Guitars

Martin Guitars

Gibson Guitars

T.C. Electronics Pedals

EHX Pedals

Kingtone Pedals

Vertex Pedals

Carvin Amps

StringJoy Strings

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